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Inflatable Boats

Limited Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase of a Pace inflatable Boat!

Standard Warranty: All Pace Inflatable Boats feature a standard three (3) year warranty on Mahler Valmex PVC tubes from date of purchase. Boats with Hypalon tubes come with a standard five (5) years warranty from date of purchase. The aluminum hull is covered by a five (5) years warranty from the date of purchase. Powder coating is covered by two (2) years from date of purchase.

Demo Boats and Boats being used for commercial purposes: Have a one (1) year warranty on the entire boat form original dale of purchase. 


WARANTY EXTENSTION: Provided the boat is registered through 

within 30 days of purchase, your warranty will be extended to 5 years on Mahler Valmex PVC tubes and 8 years on Hypalon tubes. Warranty extension does not apply to boats being used for commercial purposes

In order to submit a warranty claim, the boat must be brought to a Pace Marine dealer to enable a trained technician to assess its condition. If the boat is abroad and there is no Pace Marine dealer within reach, Pace Marine will approve a suitable facility with trained technicians in inflatable boat repair to perform the necessary assessment, service, or repairs.  


Pace Marine allows for the warranty to be transferred to a second owner should a boat be sold. The remainder of the warranty continues from date of original purchase. To transfer warranty, the original purchaser or future purchaser is requested to provide Pace Marine with the following information: new owner name, address, email and HIN number of the boat. Transfer of warranty does not apply if the boat is being used for commercial purposes.


This limited warranty does not cover damage or mildew due to improper storage, negligence or abuse. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abrasion, discoloration, oxidation, puncturing, alteration, modification or damages due to loss or theft. To maintain the boat's warranty, the owner must maintain a proper tube inflation level and not mount an outboard motor that exceeds the maximum horse power rating as specified on the transom specification plate.

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